Tips for Healthy Nails

By | October 14, 2019

Have you taken a look at your fingernails lately? Have you noticed a variation of color? Maybe a touch of white with some rosy tinge or maybe even some rippling on the surface? As most of us tend to disregard these imperfections as they may not seem like a big deal to you, but in reality, they are more significant than you might think. This where you can count on Pensacola Nails Salon to help.

What your fingernails really say about your health

Whether you are aware or not, the color, variation, and texture of your fingernails actually says a lot about your overall health. As if you notice a difference in your fingernails, that is definitely a sign regarding your health which you should pay a visit to your doctor. The following are some of the most common signs you should pay attention too.

Rippled nails

If you notice ripples in your fingernails this could definitely be a sign of anemia as well as deficiency in calcium, vitamin A or Zinc.

White Nails

If you notice your fingernails with a dark rim near the bottom, this can definitely be a sign that you might be having problems with liver disease, anemia, and even heart disease.

Yellow Nails

If you notice your fingernails with a yellowish color this is a condition that requires treatment before it gets worse. A yellow color in your fingernails tends to be a symptom of diabetes, skin cancer, psoriasis and even a thyroid condition.

Clubbing Nails

The term “Clubbing nails” refers to fingernails that become rounded around the tips of your fingers and tend to swell in size. This process can take some years before you actually notice it. Though this type of condition is sign of low oxygen in your blood and many other types of lung diseases.

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